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• QuickSpark will not charge any fees to you, our Partner, for our services.

• QuickSpark will offer applicants the best available terms and payments from all QuickSpark underwriter partners.

• QuickSpark will work diligently with affiliated underwriters to approve as many applications for financing as possible.

• QuickSpark will guide and educate Partner finance applicants directly to mutually drive sales opportunities.

• QuickSpark will frequently share finance marketing content, collateral, and promotional material with Partner as well as collaborate with Partner to coordinate and launch promotions.

• QuickSpark will obtain information necessary to validate the authenticity of my company including, but not limited to this application, credit report, employment history, trade references, etc. for the purpose of funding customer applications.

• QuickSpark, and its employees or representatives will not at any time or in any manner, either directly or indirectly, use for the personal benefit of QuickSpark, or divulge, disclose, or communicate in any manner, any information that is proprietary to Partner. QuickSpark and its employees, agents, and representatives will protect such information and treat it as strictly confidential.

• Partner authorizes QuickSpark to receive signed credit applications for prospective equipment leases and act as a broker-underwriter performing credit checks on those customers.

• Partner agrees to promptly provide all necessary documentation needed to finalize the finance transactions.

• Partner designated resource(s) will work directly with QuickSpark to implement finance technology mutually agreed upon Partner website(s). Technology options include finance buttons located on your Category, Product and Cart View pages, finance landing page, and finance banners. Target completion is within 10 business days of signature.

Web Developer Contact Information (The contact in the company that handles website integration.)

• Partner will provide the courtesy to discuss any questions and/or concerns with QuickSpark in a timely manner.

• Partner agrees to one year term with annual autorenewal and may cancel with 30+ days advance notice.

By submitting this application, I agree to adopt this typed representation of my name as my signature.