Where To Register A Domain

Domain Registrars

Where To Register A Domain

Registering the right domain name is one of the most important things you can do when creating a fingerprint for your business in today’s competitive market. As of this moment there are approximately 2,000 domain registrars (companies you can get a domain through) operating on the internet. So who do you go through?

I am going to dwindle your list down to 2 companies that you should consider registering a domain with. Before I do that let me begin by saying this: I am sure everyone else not listed here does a great, fantastic, awesome job.

Suggestion 1: NameCheap – NameCheap is one of my favorite places to register domains at, simply because of the clean and beautiful interface. Navigating through the site is easy and all the important information is presented immediately upon logging in. You’ll be looking at spending about $10.69 per year for a .com domain and $2.88 for privacy ($14 Total / year).

Suggestion 2: GoDaddy – I suggest this domain registrar only because can call them directly at (480) 505-8877. They operate 24/7/365 if anything should arise when it comes to your domain. They are more than happy to walk you through basic maintenance tasks, redirecting DNS, offer advice or even renew domains – all over the phone. The only thing you have to be cautious about is that they will try to sell you, upsell, cross-sell, sideways sell and push you to buy other “services”. As long as you’re capable of saying “No” you’ll be good to go. Domains run about $14.99 and $8.99 ($24 Total / year).

As a whole both of these companies offer additional security features (Two-Factor Authentication), basic hosting and email services, forwarding capabilities, DNS control and anything else you might need down the road.

To Privacy Or Not

Every time a domain name is registered the details of that transaction must be published in a publicly accessible database called “Whois”. This is a mandate from ICANN (the registrars oversight organization) and, generally speaking, take the information you provide at face value.

Most registrars will offer to replace your information with their contact information and label this service as “Privacy” (or something similar in nature). It normally has a fee attached to this action that ranges from $0 – $10.

Now that you have the most basic of information on the privacy matter, my advice is this: Yes, you should add privacy to the domain name. In doing so you will limit the amount of physical junk mail, spam email and unsolicited calls for random services you will never need. All for the low, low cost of just $10 (give or take).

Now that the domain registrar companies have been dwindled down to two, pick one and start looking for that perfect domain!

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