Multiple Funding Sources

Working Hard For You And Your Customers.

What sets us apart from other finance companies is that we work with multiple funding sources that offer unique programs for every credit type. Whether your customer has superior credit, derogatory credit, or are a startup, we can help. We’ve put together a few examples of credit profiles we can approve that other companies won’t even consider. Check it out.

1. We Approve Startups!

The majority of financial institutions see startups as high risk due to their short history and limited assets, but we look at it as an opportunity to help new businesses grow!

2. We Work With Established Credit!

We reward customers with superior credit by offering competitive terms and rates.

3. Challenged Credit? We Can Approve!

By working with multiple funding sources, we have options. There are special programs we can provide your customer to ignite their business.

4. We’ve Got Programs For Bankruptcy.

We understand that having a bankruptcy can look bad to traditional banks. In most cases, our funding sources can provide a competitive program that works for your customers business needs.

5. Sole Prop Business?

With the increasing number of sole prop businesses, we see this as an opportunity and have lenders who are willing and able to fund these types of businesses.