1. Promote Low Monthly Payments on Your Website


QuickSpark has a simple technology that allows you to display low monthly payments under the full price of your equipment to show your customers the affordability of your products.  We do the work and provide the tools at no cost to you!

2. Promote Financing on Your Website


  Splash Page – By adding our splash page to your website, your customers can check out the benefits of financing. Show your customers how easy it is to apply for financing and start closing more deals!

 Website Banners – Promote financing easily on your homepage and product pages with our creative banners! We have plenty of colors and designs to choose from. Don’t know how to add to your site? We can help!

3. Become Financing Experts


Educate your sales team on the benefits of financing!

✔ We provide free training
✔ Get the tools needed so you and your team never miss a sale!

4. Use Free Marketing Materials


 Email campaigns – By simply promoting financing and advertsing the low monthly payments, your sales will go up instantly!

 Seasonal Promotions – Promote financing all year and capitalize on seasonal spending.

 Social Media – Have a large following or want to grow your following? Promote our No Payments for 90 Days special and see the apps come in!

 Trade Shows – Increase your leads at trade shows and use our custom financing materials!

5. Promote Section 179 to Save Your Customer $1000’s on Taxes


Section 179

The government created a tax program that allows your customer to write off the full financed equipment costs! Promote today and your customer will receive an even larger savings!

✔ Save Your Customer Thousands
✔ Use the Saving on More Equipment


6. Take Your Retail Location to the Next Level


Sell more with each transaction by promoting financing

at your check out stand with promotional flyers!

✔ We provide the materials
✔ We customize to fit your business 
✔ All you do is sell!

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