90 Day Program

No Payments For 90 Days

No Payments, More Profits, Pure Growth.

As a business owner it’s important to always be on the lookout for marketing trends and techniques that bring more customers through the door and increase order sizes. One way to do this is to offer deferred payments.

Deferred payments, also known as the “No Payments For 90 Days” option, is always available for you to offer to qualified applicants. It will lead to increased revenue by helping you sell more expensive items, bundle additional products and provide your client with a financial head start.

Selling More Expensive Items + Increasing Order Size

The primary benefit of offering your customer payments pushed back several months is that they delay their out-of-pocket expense and maximize their cashflow at the time of sale. This will allow them to acquire all the equipment they need and start profiting from it before payments even begin. So, your customers will finance additional and more expensive products, increasing both their revenue and yours.

For Example:

A $5,000 equipment order only carries a financing payment of $138 a month (estimated).

If an up-sale to better or more equipment has a new price tag of $8,000, your customer would only see a $81 a month increase. This translates to a 60% increase in overall price with just a small increase in payments for your client.

As you can see from the example, the sales process could include offering an equipment upgrade or more equipment for a minor increase of monthly payments. Your customer will then have the best equipment that allows them to operate without limitations to maximize their profits.

The loyalty created by allowing your customer to maximize their resources and amplify revenue without a major increase in expense will secure a long-lasting business relationship. After all, wouldn’t you appreciate a 3 month head start to success?

To help promote the No Payments For 90 Days we have created some additional images + resources that you can use. Feel free to download them from this page!

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90 Day No Pay

90 Day No Pay

90 Day No Pay


90 Day No Pay

90 Day No Pay

90 Day No Pay

The “No Payments For 90 Days” promotion does not apply to Drones. Specific requirements to qualify may be different based on the business industry and equipment type. Please speak to your representative for additional details.

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