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Pro & cons from a business perspective

Snapchat has gone from being a simple photo and video sharing app to a marketing tool that many companies can utilize.

Pros & Cons

Snapchat is a great social media app to use for business, it offers a number of ways to get clients interested in your products. You can use it to access / broadcast live events (such as product launches) trade shows or special moments in your companies daily activities. You can also use it to deliver private information, like launching a new product or feature that hasn’t been seen by the public yet. A great way would be to take your followers behind the scenes. You can show off your office, see the warehouse or show the culture of the company.

However, there are still some cons of using snapchat for businesses. People could see it as junk mail, and it may not be worth the time since, your business probably won’t have the time to open the received snapchats.Snapchat is limited based on their demographics. Your product or service has to fit the age group of their users, which is generally 15-27.

The biggest con of them all: Most people seem to forget that Snapchat doesn’t offer any type of user click, tracking or pop-out (like making them go to a specific landing page) option. In Twitter / Facebook and Instagram (kind of) you can create a clickable link that starts an end user down your sales channel.

This is advantageous because 1: you can send your user to the product or service you’re selling and they might just spend their money. But secondly, from a marketing perspective, you can track how successful your post is, how interactive the user-base is and start keeping the data for trending reports. None of this can be accomplished by snapchat.


Here are the numbers

26 million

snapchat users in the United States.


of college students use Snapchat daily.


of all 18 to 34 year-olds in the US open Snapchat daily


of college students would be likely to purchase a brand’s product/service if they recieve a coupon on Snapchat.

Based off these stats, SnapChat is, or will be, the new king of social media. While it might seem a little daunting to have to create fresh new content every 24 hours, that isn’t even trackable, remember this: SnapChat is still on the ground level and you have the opportunity to stake a big space.